Most graphic designers on Twitter make <$1000 a year. It's time to change that.

WARNING: This is an old product of mine that I redirect designers to that "don't know how to market themelves." It's OLD, but it still has valid advice in there. Don't follow everything I teach you here, be critical. I still sell it because ultimately, it's only $36, and it doesn't hurt to let people have access to this information. I no longer offer any guarantee relating to this product. 

"How do I charge more for my services?"

"How do I get more clients?" 

"How do I grow my Twitter account?" 

"How do I stand out!?" 

"Get this book. It'll teach you how."

Because of hundreds of hours of market research... 

Because of hundreds of $$$'s wasted by failing to convert potential clients (and by stumbling over my words)... 

Because of dozens upon dozens of happy clients... 

I've learned exactly how to get clients... on demand. 

And I'll teach you, too. 

You want a client? You go get a client.

You want followers? You go get them - gaining hundreds a day whenever you want to earn more money. 

That is the ideal. And this book will attempt to get you there. 

On this page, I mostly refer to this book as "being for graphic designers" because NME was originally written for graphic designers. However, I've updated NME and it's now universally applicable to editors, motion designers, and graphic designers. Lots of motion designers and editors have bought the book so far and rated it 


You'd think I'm just a really good motion designer because I keep getting more clients than my competition, and they all pay me more as well...
But to be honest? I'm not that good of a motion designer. At all. There are loads of (motion) designers better than me. 

And yet, I outperform my competitors. You know why? 

They don't have my process, or my knowledge. Most don't know how to market themselves or how to communicate with clients so they stick around. 

That's my art.

And, hopefully, soon it'll be yours as well. 

In this 20-page e-book filled with ALL knowledge you need to get more clients RIGHT now I teach you... 

How to survive in a crowded market

How to get followers on demand 

How to create content that makes people care about you - and makes them want to spend their money on you 

How to run giveaways that actually earn you money 

How to write tweets that will actually convert 

How to keep "the people" coming back 

How to make a KILLER profile that gets people to follow (HINT: it's not your header that matters most)

How to trick your clients' brains into accepting any price you throw at them 

Which kind of giveaway I believe to be the most effective method of gaining loyal followers

And way, way, more.


This book won't improve your services. If you just don't do good work, this book isn't for you. If you do, however, and if you apply my advice consistently, it will improve everything surrounding your work:
 your marketing, your giveaways, your communication, your prices, but mostly, your income.

But Lucas... I'm already an experienced designer! I already get clients! And followers!

Even if you already have clients this book will still teach you a lot, and may still even double your income.  NME has helped designers go from charging $100 to $4000 per logo, and it's even helped some designers make 6-figure jobs out of their passion.

If you are a designer that doesn't already know how to market yourself, this book is for you. 

But don't take it from me. Take it from them.I get 2-3 of these reviews a week.

About Lucas

Hi. I'm the guy that wrote this book. 

I used to specialize in motion design. Now I specialize in motion design and marketing. 

Let's go back 3 years in time...  

In 2019, in a month or two, I went from charging $25 per animation (which would take me 5-6 hours) to charging $200-$500 per animation (which would take me 3-4 hours). 

I went from being stuck at 300 followers to getting 700+ followers a week whenever I wanted them. 

And I didn't even get any better at animation. That wasn't how I got all those clients. 

...I just figured out how to reach the clients I wanted. 

I found a process, and that's how I got all those clients. 

Once you get a good process going, it's all about repeating it until it doesn't work anymore. 

I decided to write a short book on how to do what I did. Anywhere. Any time. (And when NOT to do what I did) 

It's a collection of my thoughts on various parts of marketing yourself as a graphic designer (part 1) and how to deal with clients, and charge what you're worth (part 2). 

It also includes a part on how to convert clients effectively. 

And now, you have the opportunity to buy that book - and learn how to do what I did. 

Honestly... back in 2017 it was luck: the fact I managed to get the big (1M+) clients that I did so consistently -- and very few others managed to. But these days it's anything but luck. 

It's a powerful combination of networking, effective content creation, marketing, and consistency. 

I can't guarantee you that you'll instantly start earning 2-3x as much as you did, but... I believe in the 80-20 rule. 80% of results comes from 20% of efforts. 

My aim is to teach you what to spend your time on to actually grow your income. 

You can have your money back if this book doesn't teach you anything. 

My goal is to help you; not take your money for nothing good in return. 

Take it for a spin. If you don't like it and contact me within 30 days after purchase, I'll refund. 

 That's how confident I am that you'll love it - and that your income will grow thanks to this book.

So here we are...

After weeks of work, this SINGLE €30 book contains all of my best advice. 

Rated 5

If you are ready to... 

  • Get more clients  
  • Have those clients pay you more  
  • Run more successful and profitable giveaways  
  • Earn more $$$ and have to worry less about your bank balance  
  • Find the market that'll give you EXACTLY what you need (money)  
  • Learn the basic principles of social media and content marketing

Invest in yourself and get this book. 

You also get lifetime updates (including NME V2, with 10+ new articles and in-depth guides about "how to do it exactly"). 

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